SSTA Responsible For Positive Modifications Of Florida’s Overweight Wrecker Permit

SSTA Responsible For Positive Modifications Of Florida’s Overweight Wrecker Permit

The Sunshine State Towing Association working in close collaboration with the Florida Department Of Transportation has succesfully achieved positive modifications to the Florida Overweight Wrecker Permit System.

According to Veronica “Ronnie” Martin (Permit Administrator Office of Maintenance Fl. Dept. of Transportation MS-52) The SSTA supplied all the information needed to significantly assist in making business easier for incident management companies throughout Florida.

“I have attached a draft of the Department’s proposed permit conditions for wrecker vehicles based upon the information provided by the SSTA. The intent is that each wrecker permit will be issued with the attached document and similar to the current chart attachment, the hauler will select the vehicle configuration which meets their towing needs and operate under that vehicle configuration’s conditions. I have pointed out the significant changes for 2015 below” said Veronica “Ronnie” Martin.

Veronica “Ronnie” Martin continued:

In an effort to ease the permit process and enforcement efforts for wreckers towing disabled vehicles, the Department has modified wrecker permitting as follows:


Effective July 31, 2015, FDOT has made the following modifications to the permit process for wreckers:

  • Axle Spacing and Weight information is no longer required on the permit application
  • All wreckers will operate under TTT Map # 1
  • There is a new category for Heavy Wreckers labeled HW-1 and HW-2
  • HW-1 and HW-2 configurations are not required to have a minimum number of axles nor wheelbase, do not have a maximum gross vehicle weight limit and do not have a defined number of axles within a grouping
  • The axle weights of the towed (disabled vehicle) must be legal for the HW-1 and HW-2 configurations
  • Wrecker vehicles which cannot meet any of the configurations described in the “Wreckers Weight Restriction Chart” dated 7/31/15 must operate under a trip permit

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has developed a new Permit Application System (PAS) which allows customers to apply for and pay for permits online. PAS has enhanced features such as GIS Routing and Account Profiles. As of May 4, 2015, PAS allows customers to self-issue trip permits up to 16 feet wide, 14 feet 6 inches high and 120 feet long. Annual (Blanket) permits are still sent by U.S. Mail only. Customers are not required to utilize PAS to obtain a permit however, FDOT does encourage its use for streamlined permit processing. Please contact the Permit Office at (850) 410-5777 with any questions.

Companies can now simply go to the FDOT Maintenance website and apply here.