Ultra Heavy Duty Rotator Training in Florida with SSTA

Ultra Heavy Duty Rotator Training in Florida with SSTA

The Sunshine State Towing Assocation held its 4th Annual Ultra Heavy Duty Rotator Training in Orlando, FL. Trainers with Miller Industries conducted the class. Hear from:

Garrison Gaylord of Southern Wrecker & Recovery in Jacksonville, FL; Dylan Johnson of Johnson’s Wrecker Service in Orlando, FL; Dave of Dave’s Towing & Recovery in Ocala, FL; Danny Catron of Don’s Truck Towing & Truck Wash in Sedalia, Missouri and Nik Morgan of Morgan Towing & Recovery in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Representing SSTA today at the Broward Move Over Law event

Representing SSTA today at the Broward Move Over Law event

James Jennings was a guest speaker at the Broward County Move Over Law media outreach event held February 15th, 2017, at the Deerfield Beach Broward County Fire Rescue Station #102. Representing the SSTA, PWOF and the South Florida towing community, James spoke on behalf of the towing industry and the need for greater awareness of the Move Over Law and the dangers being faced each day on the nation’s highways by our profession. The outreach event was attended by the Florida Highway Patrol Troop L & K, Broward Sheriff’s Office, Broward County Fire Rescue, Coconut Creek Police Department, Florida Department of Transportation and the Jorgenson Road Rangers.ters Chase development that was never built.

SSTA Responsible For Positive Modifications Of Florida’s Overweight Wrecker Permit

SSTA Responsible For Positive Modifications Of Florida’s Overweight Wrecker Permit

The Sunshine State Towing Association working in close collaboration with the Florida Department Of Transportation has succesfully achieved positive modifications to the Florida Overweight Wrecker Permit System.

According to Veronica “Ronnie” Martin (Permit Administrator Office of Maintenance Fl. Dept. of Transportation MS-52) The SSTA supplied all the information needed to significantly assist in making business easier for incident management companies throughout Florida.

“I have attached a draft of the Department’s proposed permit conditions for wrecker vehicles based upon the information provided by the SSTA. The intent is that each wrecker permit will be issued with the attached document and similar to the current chart attachment, the hauler will select the vehicle configuration which meets their towing needs and operate under that vehicle configuration’s conditions. I have pointed out the significant changes for 2015 below” said Veronica “Ronnie” Martin.

Veronica “Ronnie” Martin continued:

In an effort to ease the permit process and enforcement efforts for wreckers towing disabled vehicles, the Department has modified wrecker permitting as follows:


Effective July 31, 2015, FDOT has made the following modifications to the permit process for wreckers:

  • Axle Spacing and Weight information is no longer required on the permit application
  • All wreckers will operate under TTT Map # 1
  • There is a new category for Heavy Wreckers labeled HW-1 and HW-2
  • HW-1 and HW-2 configurations are not required to have a minimum number of axles nor wheelbase, do not have a maximum gross vehicle weight limit and do not have a defined number of axles within a grouping
  • The axle weights of the towed (disabled vehicle) must be legal for the HW-1 and HW-2 configurations
  • Wrecker vehicles which cannot meet any of the configurations described in the “Wreckers Weight Restriction Chart” dated 7/31/15 must operate under a trip permit

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has developed a new Permit Application System (PAS) which allows customers to apply for and pay for permits online. PAS has enhanced features such as GIS Routing and Account Profiles. As of May 4, 2015, PAS allows customers to self-issue trip permits up to 16 feet wide, 14 feet 6 inches high and 120 feet long. Annual (Blanket) permits are still sent by U.S. Mail only. Customers are not required to utilize PAS to obtain a permit however, FDOT does encourage its use for streamlined permit processing. Please contact the Permit Office at (850) 410-5777 with any questions.

Companies can now simply go to the FDOT Maintenance website and apply here.

Tow Companies Get Raise

Tow Companies Get Raise
By: Brittany Wallman | Sen Sentinel
Febuary 10, 2015

Having a car towed in Broward County just got a little more painful.

Broward County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to allow tow truck operators to charge more when they tow vehicles.

Tows of cars parked on private property go up 20 percent, from $100 to $120. Tows ordered by police, after an accident, for example, go up 24 percent from $105 to $130.

That’s just the beginning of the rate increases.

At the request of the towing industry, commissioners included automatic increases for all towing fees every year, based on the rate of inflation.

At the maximum 3 percent increase, the basic tow for an illegally parked car would be $135 by 2019. Tows ordered by police would grow to a maximum $146 by 2019. The hourly labor rate for police-ordered tows goes up from $110 to a maximum $124.

Tuesday’s measure also allows tow companies to charge a new $5 fee if a customer doesn’t have the car registration and wants to expedite release of the vehicle.

Broward Commissioner Lois Wexler successfully added a five-year expiration to the inflationary increases, so they can be reviewed at that time.

“The continuous increases with no end in sight, I thought was not fair to the residents of Broward County,” said Wexler. “It’s a towing fee, it’s also a labor fee, it’s a storage fee, it’s administrative fee. And everything goes up.”

The rate hikes are a victory for a business that’s been a misbehaver in Broward. The county over the past three years has clamped down on towing, aiming to stop consumer abuses, including mass tow traps.

The latest round of reform goes into effect April 1, when all tow truck operators must register with the county and obtain a permit. That will allow the county to put bad actors out of business.

Tow company owner Sean Loscalzo, vice president of the Sunshine State Towing Assocation, said tow operators “worked hand in hand” on consumer reforms while waiting for approval of rate increases. The last increase was in 2006. Meanwhile, he said, transportation costs, including diesel fuel and auto insurance, have escalated.

He said operators need to “keep up with the skyrocketing costs of doing business in Broward County” and of complying with the new laws.

Broward’s new basic rate exceeds that of Miami-Dade County, where it’s $101, but is in line with other large counties in Florida. Broward’s rates for larger vehicles, where hourly labor charges apply, are on par with or exceed those in many other counties.

In other action, Broward County commissioners Tuesday:

  • Unanimously approved a revision of taxi laws to make clear they apply to “transportation network companies” such as Uber and Lyft. County Administrator Bertha Henry said a new law tailored for such companies will be ready for a vote in March. She said Broward is working with Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, because ideally all three South Florida counties would approve the same rules. The city of Fort Lauderdale is waiting to see what Broward passes so it can pass something similar, the city manager said recently. It’s illegal for drivers-for-hire to pick up passengers in Fort Lauderdale city limits without a city taxi permit. The county’s taxi regulations govern Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and the remaning Broward cities.
  • Voted to approve and send to the state a request from the city of Fort Lauderdale to allow 5,000 more residential units to be built downtown. The land use amendment paves the way for developers to submit project plans to the city of Fort Lauderdale. Currently, 11,060 units are allowed and fewer than 800 remain to be built. Build-out, expected in 20 to 30 years, is 23,400 units, city officials said.
  • Approved changes to allow a 180-unit residential development at 5820 Griffin Road in Davie, site of the controversial proposed Trotters Chase development that was never built.

June Newsletter – Shane Tanner

APO AE 09364-9998


CJTFENG-388-CDR21 MAY 2014

Sean Loscalzo
A Superior Towing
2385 SW 66th Terr
Davie, FL 33317

Dear Sean Loscalzo,
As the Commander of the 388th Clearance Company, I extend my heartfelt thanks and deepest appreciation for the support of my Soldier, your employee, Shane Tanner for the last 7 months. Since 2001, Guardsmen and Reservists have answered the nation’s call to duty at unprecedented rated. They have fought side-by-side with active duty service members in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have responded to emergencies in our local communities and in nations around the world. Employers like you that hire Reserve members provide these hometown heroes with much needed predictability, stability and support not only for the Soldier but also to their family.

Sergeant Shane Tanner has done an incredible job since he arrived in theater. He is currently assigned to Third platoon and is working as Platoon weapons sergeant and secondary recovery element. On multiple occasions, he has shown how invaluable he is and we would not be able to complete the mission without him.

It is truly a blessing to have a patriotic Americans supporting the troops and our great nation as we continue to fight the war on terror. I thank youi again for your invaluable support. God bless you and God Bless America!


“On Point!”