We offer membership options catered to provide your business the specialized support our industry needs. All SSTA memberships are contingent on recommendations from two founding board members and your acceptance of the SSTA Bylaws.

Members pay annual dues corresponding to the level of membership they have chosen. For our trusted corporate partners, there are five levels of SSTA membership: choose between Platinum Level ($5,000) Gold Level ($2,500) Silver Level ($1,500) Associate ($500) Trustee($7,500) and Founding member ($1,000). We also offer a towing company (non-consent tower) membership ($500). If you choose to obtain a towing company membership remember that this membership requires the donation of one certificate of destruction vehicle annually.

It's easy to get started with SSTA! Simply choose the membership best suited for you, make a payment and fill out the subsequent form to complete your membership registration. We're looking forward to having you become a member of SSTA.

Corporate Partner (Affiliate Business)
Towing Company Membership